Revolution, Revelation or just a smart business Solution?

Revolution, Revelation or just a smart business Solution?

With the current wellness craze turning into what is looking like a permanent lifestyle priority, a healthier lifestyle & Fitness have become an essential component of today’s Hotel guest’s experience. One could say it has become a ‘’revolution’’ as Wellness is now an exploding market , and is no longer a room with a Treadmill, Bike and a sauna in space that was originally built for storage and then converted at a later stage into what many call a Fitness & Spa area.

The term ‘’gym‘’ is still often used by many a Hotel in Romania and abroad, however this is an outdated term that those whom have had a ‘’revelation & seen the future’’ understand all too well, the future is now Wellness.
The addition of a Wellness/Fitness area into Hotels has had a dramatic effect on the revenues associated with this added amenity. Gone are the days when Hotels were interpreting a Fitness & Spa area as a money losing venture. The Hotels of tomorrow have now understood in fact Wellness is just as important to your patrons as Wi-Fi and a good night’s sleep, taking advantage of the many who have not seen the light and capitalizing on the financial benefits.
One such success story can be seen in the capitol city of Bucharest, where I have seen firsthand the amazing results achieved by a group dedicated to offering their guests and local residents a place one could call a true Wellness space..

I had the great pleasure to personally work on this project with the General manager Mr. Daniel Ben-Yehuda, who with no doubt saw the need to revolt from the norm or had a revelation. Regardless of the reasons, Mr. Yehuda will now testify that this truly was a smart decision.

A few words from a man whom I admire as a great Hotel manager:

‘’Ramada Plaza Bucharest and Ramada Parc Bucharest were and are some of the coolest features of hospitality in the city located in a green area, right near the Park Herastrau. Easy access to the main touring and business in Bucharest, location most would be jealous of. Following international trends and demands of our customers we considered a great opportunity and welcome the opening Vitality Club which was immediately noticed both in reviews of our customers but also in occupancy of the Hotels, which grew by 20%

Vitality Club is one of the most modern and inviting wellness clubs in Bucharest, first class facilities offered to both our guests and members not only incorporates the latest technology, but also a modern, attractive and functional design. All these new facilities and services have helped us add another plus to our hospitality complex and make us stand out from the crowd. Kind words and generous reviews by our customers gives us motivation to keep the standard as high as we do. ”

I am currently working on several wellness projects in Romania, to which I feel fortunate to have been chosen as a consultant and honored to be a part of this new step forward in creating a Wellness Lifestyle for everyone to embrace.

Change is hard for many, investors need to be looking out for the best opportunities to get ahead of the competition….. WELLNESS is the future, and for those who embrace this change, wellness will not only make your guests happy, it will bring wellness to your bottom line and that is just a smart business solution!